More about Transformation…

What is Transformation?

Transformation is more than the changes we create in our own lives and the lives of others; it is the downsize and closure of any segregated and/or congregated environment where people with disabilities live, work or play. There is only one reason to close a segregated service – because it is the right thing to do.

Why do we focus on Transformation?

As a society, we are beginning to realize that segregation in any form is immoral. We are also coming to the realization that given the right supports, people with the most significant disabilities can become fully contributing members of their communities. At Tangible systems, we believe the best way out of poverty and dysfunction is education and enlightenment. The best way to achieve this is by delivering great training, appropriate supports and a job.

We provide Transformation services for government agencies and non-profit service providers. The current movement to embrace Transformation is increasing in urgency due to:

  • The potential for Congressional termination of the subminimum wage
  • The national push to provide employment supports for people to obtain and retain fully integrated jobs in the community (perpetrated by the increasing number of lawsuits filed on behalf of individuals stuck in a segregated environment, such as a sheltered workshop)
  • The evolution of successful employment for people with disabilities across the country

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