More about our work…

Tangible Systems takes pride in offering a complete selection of consultative services. Each service is customized per client in order to provide comprehensive training and dynamic results.

Corporate Training 

Tangible Systems provides certified, dynamic and generationally relevant corporate training and coaching in:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Supervision
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning

In addition, we provide corporate training for managers in the service sector and for small businesses that can be tailored to meet the needs and culture of your organization. Tangible partners with a rich array of outstanding consultants and consultant organizations so we can to provide services and supports that meet your organization’s specific needs.

Organizational Management

Tangible contracts with counties and other government and non-profit organizations to provide organizational management including but not limited to:

  • Planning and program development or expansion
  • Team Building exercises
  • Financial plan reviews and/or audits
  • Lean business process theory and applications
  • Theory of Change (Organizational planning and development)
  • Generational differences in the workplace
  • Recruitment, hiring, training and retaining dynamic employees
  • Resource Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Visioning

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Tangible has worked with hundreds of service organizations to complete a strategic thinking and planning process.  Our philosophy:  “Plans are not as important as planning.”  Again, we tailor our planning to address the challenges of a client’s particular culture.  Our planning summary includes but is not limited to the following components:

  • Executive Summary
  • Organization Visioning
  • Mission Development or Revision
  • Organization Values (aka “Guiding Principles”)
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Goal Development
  • Organization Priorities
  • Targeted Goal Identification & Attainment Methodology (1-3 Years)
  • Feedback Dissemination Tools
  • Defining & Evaluating Success
  • Staff/Board Training & Supports

Problem Resolution

After working with more than 500 organizations we have yet to encounter a problem or challenge either within an organization or system that cannot be improved, nurtured or healed so everyone within that structure is pulling the plow in the same direction.  We begin by finding common ground – even if it does not appear to be present.


We define “Transformation” as the downsize and ultimate closure of any segregated environment where people with disabilities live, work, or play.  We are proud and determined to make Employment First a reality in our world