More about our customers…

Non Profit Service Organizations

We have yet to work with a non-profit and not find a passion for the work you do.  Unfortunately, passion does not always lead to the successful operation of a service organization with social purpose.  We believe in you, and we can help.  We fervently believe non-profits contribute mightily to the planet and to the work taking place in the communities they serve.


Small businesses

While we have worked with big companies that have budgets exceeding $10 million dollars, this is not where our heart is. Our primary work with small businesses has been in the private sector via corporate training, team-building and financial planning.


Government Agencies and Programs

We would love to work with you…we mean it, and we’re good at it.  We have enjoyed many government contracts…BUT before contacting us, please contemplate your response to the following question first:

Do you think you have all the answers and should be responsible for fixing everything?

If the answer is “yes”, then Tangible Systems is most likely not the technical assistance provider you need. We find governments that are perpetually evolving to actually get in the way of services rather than simply funding and supporting their delivery…yet you exist for the sole purpose of providing them.  However, if the answer is “no” and you don’t know everything and are not held hostage by the rigid ministrations of your legal department, then we would love to work with you!